Side Dish

The side dish is the food that accompanies the main dish in a meal.

  • leek salad
    Side Dish

    Boiled Leek Salad

    Leeks are quite used in warm dishes and we tend to forget about them in summer. That is why we bring this time a very easy-to-prepare, light and healthy salad recipe with leeks.

  • hummus
    Side Dish,  Starter


    Hummus is an Arabic recipe originated in Egypt that consists in a mixed chickpea cream. In its most classic version it is mainly prepared with lemon juice, tahini (sesame sauce) and garlic. It is also seasoned with paprika and olive…

  • gajo potatoes
    Side Dish,  Snacks

    Baked Potato Wedges

    These delicious baked potato wedges, also known as gajo potatoes, can become the next indispensable recipe of your cookbook. They look like McDonald’s deluxe potatoes, but much crispier and healthier. They are the perfect accompaniment for every dish, either fish…