• bread crumbs
    Cooking Tips

    Bread Crumbs Substitutes

    Bread crumbs is a key ingredient in many recipes that we all have around the kitchen. But, what happens if you are preparing a recipe and you find out there is nothing left but a few crumbs? After reading this…

  • pan tumaca
    Breakfast,  Snacks

    Bread with Tomato and Olive Oil

    This bread with tomato and oil, also known as “pa amb tomàquet”, “pa amb oil” or “pan tumaca” in Catalan language, is a traditional recipe originated in the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Although it is generally prepared for breakfast, it is…

  • french toasts with sugar

    French Toasts

    French toasts is a dish made from sliced bread soaked in a mix of eggs and milk which is then fried. However, the French call it “pain perdu”, which translated into English means “lost bread”. This is because leftover slices…

  • carnival toast

    Spanish Carnival Toasts

    The Carnival toasts, also known as bread puddings or torrijas in Spanish, is a sweet Spanish dessert that is tipically prepared either for breakfast or as a dessert. People normally confuse it with the French toasts, because at first look…