A dessert is typically the sweet course that concludes a meal in the culture of many countries, including cakes, cookies, biscuits, gelatins, pastries, ice creams, pies, puddings, or candies.

  • Dessert

    Basque cake

    The Basque cake, also known as “Gateau Basque” or “Pastel Vasco” in French and Spanish respectively, is a traditional dessert that originates from the Basque Country, a region in the southwestern part of France and the northern part of Spain.…

  • three kings cake
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    Spanish Three Kings Cake

    The Three Kings Cake, also known as Kings Cake or Roscón de Reyes in Spanish, is a very popular Christmas cake in Spain, other European countries like France or Portugal, and algo Latin American countries like Mexico. And it is…

  • tiramisú


    Tiramisu is a cold dessert of Italian origin, specifically from the Veneto region, in northeastern Italy, which is tasted with a spoon. Its name derives from the Italian ‘tira mi su’, which translated into Spanish means ‘lift me the mood’.

  • natural yogurt with blueberries
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    Natural Yogurt

    Natural yogurt can be enjoyed alone or accompanied by a thousand and one ways. In addition, it provides a lot of health benefits. Making yogurt at home so simple that it is worth investing a little time in it. You…

  • curd milk

    Milk Curd

    Milk curd is a dairy product with a creamy texture. It is a natural product that has practically the same nutritional value as milk, although it has not as many nutritional advantages as the yogurt. It is originally from Navarra…

  • apple compote

    Apple Compote

    This apple compote recipe is easy to prepare, as it only requires a few basic ingredients. And it is sugar-free (it has no added sugar), which makes it healthier than the typical apple compote. I made this decision because apples…