Spinach Rice

This rice recipe is accompanied by the vegetable popularized by Popeye. It is a very easy to prepare and very healthy dish since spinach provides many nutrients and few calories. In addition, it is high in calcium and vitamin C, which makes it a powerful antioxidant.

Recipe note

Details of this spinach rice recipe for 4 people.

25 minuteseasylow


  • 300 grams rice
  • 200 grams spinach
  • Water
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Salt


1 Heat two tablespoons of oil in a wok saucepan or skillet. Cut the cloves of garlic and fry.

2 Meanwhile, wash the spinach and finely chop half of it.

3 When the garlic pieces begin to brown remove them from the oil and add the chopped spinach.

4 While the spinach is frying add in a mixer twice as much water as the amount of rice you will cook along with the rest of the spinach that has not been yet used and a pinch of salt. Beat at medium speed for 30 seconds or until a greenish liquid is obtained.

5 When the spinach you are frying is ready, that is, it has softened and acquired a much darker green color, add the rice and fry for a few seconds. Add more oil if necessary.

6 Immediately after, add the water with spinach that has been beaten to the casserole or wok pan, cover and raise the heat. You have to let the rice cook for as many minutes as necessary, according to the instructions on the package of rice.

7 Finally, when cooked, turn off the heat, let it rest for at least 10 minutes and serve.


What kind of rice to use.

Any type of rice can be used. However, in this case, I used basmati rice for this recipe. This is because basmati rice, compared to normal white rice, is thinner and more elongated, and I personally achieve better results: a fluffy rice with rice grains that do not stick together.

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