• curd milk

    Milk Curd

    Milk curd is a dairy product with a creamy texture. It is a natural product that has practically the same nutritional value as milk, although it has not as many nutritional advantages as the yogurt. It is originally from Navarra…

  • lemon iced tea

    Homemade Nestea™ Lemon Iced Tea

    Nestea™ or Lipton® Ice Tea are very refreshing commercial ready-to-drink cold iced tea beverages that are quite popular in many countries. But, have you ever noticed the amount of sugar and chemical elements they contain? Do you think these drinks are…

  • meringue milk in a ceramic glass

    Meringue Milk (without eggs)

    Meringue milk, or leche merengada in Spanish, is a very refreshing typical Spanish cold drink made mainly with milk and egg whites. But this recipe is healthier and lighter because it does not require the egg whites.

  • leek salad
    Side Dish

    Boiled Leek Salad

    Leeks are quite used in warm dishes and we tend to forget about them in summer. That is why we bring this time a very easy-to-prepare, light and healthy salad recipe with leeks.

  • apple compote

    Apple Compote

    This apple compote recipe is easy to prepare, as it only requires a few basic ingredients. And it is sugar-free (it has no added sugar), which makes it healthier than the typical apple compote. I made this decision because apples…

  • bread crumbs
    Cooking Tips

    Bread Crumbs Substitutes

    Bread crumbs is a key ingredient in many recipes that we all have around the kitchen. But, what happens if you are preparing a recipe and you find out there is nothing left but a few crumbs? After reading this…