• Drinks

    Viennese Coffee

    Give yourself the luxury of preparing this fancy Viennese-style coffee whenever you like at home with this recipe. This old but still quite well-known cream-based beverage is very popular in the cafés of cities like Budapest and Vienna. Enjoy it!

  • Lunch

    Bread with Tomato and Olive Oil

    This bread with tomato and oil, also known as “pa amb tomàquet”, “pa amb oil” or “pan tumaca” in Catalan language, is a traditional recipe originated in the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Although it is generally prepared for breakfast, it is…

  • Breakfast

    French Toasts

    French toasts is a dish made from sliced bread soaked in a mix of eggs and milk which is then fried. However, the French call it “pain perdu”, which translated into English means “lost bread”. This is because leftover slices…

  • Dessert

    Baked Cinnamon Apples

    If you love apple pie, then you have to try baked cinnamon apples. This is one of the simplest yet most delicious desserts that anyone can think of. And it is also ideal to eat as an afternoon snack. Do…

  • Snacks


    This anchovy, chilli pepper & olive small snack (or pintxo in Basque), most known as Gilda in the Basque Country region of Spain, was created at Casa Vallés bar in the city of San Sebastián.

  • Dessert

    Spanish Carnival Toasts

    The Carnival toasts, also known as bread puddings or torrijas in Spanish, is a sweet Spanish dessert that is tipically prepared either for breakfast or as a dessert. People normally confuse it with the French toasts, because at first look…

  • Snacks

    Baked Potato Wedges

    These delicious baked potato wedges, also known as gajo potatoes, can become the next indispensable recipe of your cookbook. They look like McDonald’s deluxe potatoes, but much crispier and healthier. They are the perfect accompaniment for every dish, either fish…

  • Dinner

    Potato Chips French Omelette

    I know. At first it may sound weird to use potato chips for an omelet. However, the combination of scrambled eggs stuffed with the crispy chips proved to be delicious. And it can be ready to eat in just 10…